Hi again its that time of year ,the potatoe show is this weekend! everyone is welcome to come and bid for the produce on saturday and sunday evening from around 8o'clock on. Any profits to charities so turn up and support us,its always a fun night. Exellent raffle first prize thanks to Norbury wharf this year,a whole weeks free boat hire and many other great prizes kindly donated by members and supporters also. Thanks to them all.So please get here,get bidding and maybe get lucky!!!
well cannot belive it is now near the end of june, have not put anything in since march and such alot has happened.
may 13th to 15th  we had the bugsplatz rally that was a super weekend as usual, the bugsplatz are a motorbike club from telford and surrounding areas, they have been holding their annual club rally at the dashers for the last 5 or six years always threatening to drink our cellar dry but have not managed it yet , keep trying chaps.

21st of may we had a 50th birthday party at the pub that was lynns she is a member of the moonshiners that was another cracking night .

the 4th june we had another 50th birthday that was robs

the 11th of june we had a weddind reception at the pub that was jay and sarah's had to do a sit down meal for 75 and a buffet for approx 150 at night , hard work but managed it could not have done it without the help from my sister karen and sister in law barbara , and of course my dedicated waitresses leah , claire ,vikki and sarah.

the 18th of june we had a summer solstice rally which is also the 3rd weddind anniversary of our dear friends pete and olly they are also members of the moonshiners mcc another good night was had by all .

we have managed to sneak off for a couple of days this week we left on tuesday evening and drove to west wales to see some friends that have just took over a lovely little place called plas y wern just above cardigan bay well worth a trip out there.

tonight we have some musicians coming to the pub these guys turn up every year around the same time , they camp over the weekend so should consume a little alcohol, well worth coming to the pub this weekend.
it's friday and what a glorious day it is, where has the week gone ? we have had a really busy week this week monday we had the usual suspects in they are a hilarious bunch , stuart, flo, etc it was actually stuarts birthday they were all very well behaved considering.
darts practice monday night i was awsome as usual and got knocked out in the first round don't know why i bother really !!!!!!!!
tuesday well this was a strange day, we had a wake at the pub today i did a finger buffet for the people that were coming back after the funeral only thought around 15 or 20 would come back no there were around 50 good job i catered for this amount, the only thing we didn't cater for was the beer , we were having a delivery on wednesday anyway but we expected it to last till then, no we ran out of the guest beer first, thought thats ok plenty of mild and bitter no then we ran out of the mild and to cap it all off the bitter also went, the amount of stick and p...s taking i took on tuesday was unbelievable, got over all that though i have got broad shoulders, i did say 500 plus bikers have tried to drink us out of ale for the last 5 years they have never managed it but all the customers we had on tuesday did thanks everyone a sign of a busy pub.
tuedasy night we had the singles dominoes knock outs at the pub trev, chrissy and sarah all got through well done to them all.
wednesday night was poker night , the lads had a good game and enjoyed themselves, this is a regular thing on a wednesday so if you are interested come along and have a game.
thursday dominoes again the team got hammered by the cock ayes which is a bit of a b....r because they are playing them in the team knock out semi finals , never mind better luck next time , we beat them in the final last year so you never know.
we are having this weekend off we are going to hampton loade near bridgnorth it is the moonshiners annual rally they have been a club for 30 years this year so it will probably be an extra boozy weekend never mind will have fun being with the gang we do have a laugh and a great time with them will tell you all about it next time.
Thanks to all who turned up to my birthday party/lampnight it was a good night plenty of beer consumed.
Special thanks to carol for the surprise birthday cake it was really good,cant beileve i am another year older time seems to fly these days
I seem to be having lots of trouble doing this tonight,it keeps crashing if this dont work im givin up!
No darts tonight last game and it is a bye so we will practice, we need it! Dont forget if you want to play poker wednesday night just turn up its only a fiver buy in so you cant loose a lot,starts about 8.30.
This friday is music night again free to come along and listen or have a boogie if you like the choice is yours
hope to see you at one of them ,off for a pint now Trev.....
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Good poker game last night(unlucky Si cant win em all eh), I think Steve won the most i guess it was his turn he has had no luck last couple.
Dominoes at home tonight against the badger no alf or pete but we will do our best,need to keep near the top of the league.Come along should be some food spare later.
Dont forget the 19th of feb my birthday,we are having another lamp night so party and some grub by lamp light
should be different. I will try to upload some photos of the last lamp night
Dont forget the poker night tonight ,cheap buy in loads of fun. table set up please come along for a good night,hope to see you later  Trev....
had a really good night last night, the lamp night went well again lots of friends turned up, the atmosphere really changes when the paraffin lamps are lit everyone seems to be more relaxed and chilled out , will try and have another one soon, love it when we light them they are such beautiful useful things.
we lost at dominoes on thursday (can't win em all) .
darts monday night not a league game a friendly against the kings arms from eccelshall will try and win.
poker game wednesday night if your at a loose end come along and have a game.