friday 6th january.
well nearly a week into the new year how time flies, had darts monday night lost 4-3 to the labour in vain yarnfield,dominoes tonight at the shropshire at haughton will let you know how we get on.
holding another lamp night on the 22nd of january, the last 2 have been great, the pub really is transformed, it is almost as it should have been when it was first built in 1840 , the paraffin lamps are lit no electric lights at all the atmosphere changes even the loudest of people talk calmly and quietly , there is also a free sausage and chip supper.
nearly forgot, my christmas pressie arrived on tuesday, surprise surprise it was a lamp, hopefully it will make a guest appearance on the lamp night, just waitng for a new wick to arrive.
the musicians are here this friday , really do enjoy listening to them, once again all welcome and if you have an instrument bring it along and join in.
1/8/2011 04:07:39

I have bad news for ya, its Friday today and its the 7th, have ya lost a day somewhere lol x


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