wed 29th
Been a day or two since we wrote on this but in our defence we snuck out on monday afternoon and went to the moonshiners xmas party. It was at the tipton sports and social club.Got to Pete and olls about 4.30 but Pete full of man flu and didnt come,great night though lots of beer two bands playing,Will and Andys band on first(well played lads) and another band i forget their name sos but they were good also.Nice to see lots of our moonshiner mates again! Max and Olly got very drunk cant even remember that we went to a party after(pissheads) but i got some good video of them drunk trying to get up off the floor,Max has forbidden me to put it on utube sorry.

Today we opened the pub daytime and have had a good day Flo and his shooters been in and a fair few others also,first good day for a while as has been fairly quiet.On a brighter note dashers dominoe team top of the league well done all.right  off for some beer tonights guest is exmoor gold so if you want some be quick...Trev
1/2/2011 10:09:57

had a fab night guys, we were the best fed and warterd tramps in the land lol
What's the theme for next year then? xx


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