sat 25th dec.

happy christmas all, hope you all have a good day, we are open today from 12 till 3pm shut for a bit of munch then open again at 7 pm usually on christmas night we have a few come in because there is nowhere else open and if any one has a new dvd they usually bring it here so we all watch it , good night normally , we will see,
roast beef for lunch with all the trimmings yummy can't wait.
didn't tell any one about thursday, day off, went to stafford to get clothes for new years eve party at the dashers we decided we are going to have a tramps night, if it is half as good as last year it will be fab, free supper, casserole me thinks !!!!!!! everyone welcome oh forgot it is FREE to come in ,( hate this, when you are a regular customer at a pub  why do they charge you to go there new years eve when you have supported them all year ? NEVER UNDERSTOOD THIS).
 gone off one one again anyway got my outfit, trousers will fit us both in there gonna be a laugh,
10/16/2013 06:52:08

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