Spent all afternoon doing this website and hoping that it does not dissapear into the world wide web never to be seen again like the last one did. otherwise i am wasting my time right now

this is a pic of the pub last week cos i could not find one of me and max together

had to buy the domain name so am hoping someone reads this site
to make it worthwhile

thursday 16th  Still not sure how to use this thing,I am quite sure
i am doing this wrong but it keeps letting me write stuff. Will try to put on more snowy photos so if you dont see them it didnt work! 
these were taken when the snow had just fallen so really looks pretty.

friday 17th dec.
we played dominoes last night got hammered 5-2 to the opposition, well done the bell b, unlucky dashers, had a new toy installed yesterday it is a guinness surger it's wicked i couldn't wait for someone to come in and ask for some. really ingenious bit of kit.
snowing just for a change, we should have the musicians here tonight weather permitting, they are at the dashers the 1st and 3rd friday of every month, they are worth coming to the pub to have a listen or if you are musical bring youre instrument and have a go .

12/16/2010 15:42:37

Hi Trev and Max

love the blog and the new site, BTW that guest ale was spot on last night, shame I have work this morning or I could have drunk a few more pints of it.

Excellent pic of the pub in the snow, keep up the good work with the blog and the site.


12/18/2010 02:58:52

Shame about getting thrashed at Dominoes, its because you don't have me on yer team any more lol, glad the musicians are playing tonight, might pop in for a jar.

12/22/2010 08:09:12

Hi Trev & Max,
well I found your site OK and the pictures really do show The Dashers how it is.

Good, Traditional, Warm & Rural..and loads more!!!

Keep polishing Your Brasses!!


7/31/2012 07:10:15

I love this blog layout, which template is it?

10/16/2013 16:57:23

Nice job. Thank you


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