31st dec 2010.

last day of the year getting ready for our new years eve party , tramps theme this year, should be good we usually have a great time, kelly and becky have been and put disco equipment ready thank you ladies xx
have decided to do pork baps for supper with apple sauce and stuffing mmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum.
all is free and everyone is welcome, we just love to party, if your at a loose end come and join us, it was good fun putting our outfits together, thank you charity shops,
right we are nearly all done for tonight, food prepared, outfits ready, party poppers at hand, music sorted, bring on midnight HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL XXXX sp
wed 29th
Been a day or two since we wrote on this but in our defence we snuck out on monday afternoon and went to the moonshiners xmas party. It was at the tipton sports and social club.Got to Pete and olls about 4.30 but Pete full of man flu and didnt come,great night though lots of beer two bands playing,Will and Andys band on first(well played lads) and another band i forget their name sos but they were good also.Nice to see lots of our moonshiner mates again! Max and Olly got very drunk cant even remember that we went to a party after(pissheads) but i got some good video of them drunk trying to get up off the floor,Max has forbidden me to put it on utube sorry.

Today we opened the pub daytime and have had a good day Flo and his shooters been in and a fair few others also,first good day for a while as has been fairly quiet.On a brighter note dashers dominoe team top of the league well done all.right  off for some beer tonights guest is exmoor gold so if you want some be quick...Trev
sat 25th dec.

happy christmas all, hope you all have a good day, we are open today from 12 till 3pm shut for a bit of munch then open again at 7 pm usually on christmas night we have a few come in because there is nowhere else open and if any one has a new dvd they usually bring it here so we all watch it , good night normally , we will see,
roast beef for lunch with all the trimmings yummy can't wait.
didn't tell any one about thursday, day off, went to stafford to get clothes for new years eve party at the dashers we decided we are going to have a tramps night, if it is half as good as last year it will be fab, free supper, casserole me thinks !!!!!!! everyone welcome oh forgot it is FREE to come in ,( hate this, when you are a regular customer at a pub  why do they charge you to go there new years eve when you have supported them all year ? NEVER UNDERSTOOD THIS).
 gone off one one again anyway got my outfit, trousers will fit us both in there gonna be a laugh,
tue 21st dec.

just had coal delivered thanks david and simon from norbury wharf .
been out fed the chucks and guinea pigs, had to defrost their water as usual, the hens are still laying not sure whether they should be or not am new at this poultry thing.
not sure if redders or mike got through the darts singles last night, will have to wait and see, richie b was unlucky he got thrashed, lol sorry rich xx

thought vikki was going to have a kitten last night when she used the guinness surger for the first time, i thought i was impressed when it first arrived never seen anyone so excited bless her even people who didn't normally drink guinness were having one well done vikki .
water not gone off yet pressure a bit low so perhaps they are working on it at the moment , got bottles and containers full at the ready.
water didn't go off today , pressure went down a little but is now running to full capacity
mon 20th
A pretty quiet day today,hardly surprising considering the weather.Its darts night but singles knockouts so all of our team are away but will be back later for a beer.We have 6 players here but i dont know who they are yet.
Since the new guinness surger went in we have already sold 20 pints which is good for us in the winter i reckon it will slow down when the novelty wears off, but the beauty of it is there is no worries about it going bad so it dont matter.Shame its so big on our tiny bar though.
Well the water is cut off sometime tomorrow for a new pump to be fitted so that could be a bit of a pain.
Not to worry ,Vicki working tonight so down for a pint of sovriegn gold (very tasty)
keep forgetting to put bits of info in will get used to it and remember everything that has happened today, the guinness surger is brilliant, does everything it is supposed to , have sold lots of cans, the shoot lads also came in this afternoon brave bunch they are it has been so cold all day.
had an old school friend come and stop with us meant to be for the weekend, had to take her back to telford tonight weather getting worse, we thought the roads around here are bad, even the main roads in telford are not gritted.
must remember to ring simon at norbury wharf forgot to ask him last night for another coal delivery before christmas.
saturday 18th dec.
snowing just like everywhere else, didn't think we were going to get our beer delivery today, well done lwc and their driver, although a funny thing happened whilst he was unloading the beer, the lorry decided to take itself off down our drive, but managed to stop before it got to the road that could have been nasty.
Spent all afternoon doing this website and hoping that it does not dissapear into the world wide web never to be seen again like the last one did. otherwise i am wasting my time right now

this is a pic of the pub last week cos i could not find one of me and max together

had to buy the domain name so am hoping someone reads this site
to make it worthwhile

thursday 16th  Still not sure how to use this thing,I am quite sure
i am doing this wrong but it keeps letting me write stuff. Will try to put on more snowy photos so if you dont see them it didnt work! 
these were taken when the snow had just fallen so really looks pretty.

friday 17th dec.
we played dominoes last night got hammered 5-2 to the opposition, well done the bell b, unlucky dashers, had a new toy installed yesterday it is a guinness surger it's wicked i couldn't wait for someone to come in and ask for some. really ingenious bit of kit.
snowing just for a change, we should have the musicians here tonight weather permitting, they are at the dashers the 1st and 3rd friday of every month, they are worth coming to the pub to have a listen or if you are musical bring youre instrument and have a go .